Unlocking Literacy. For All.

About Dream Tree Creations

Dream Tree Creations is a company that is passionate about making sure all children reach their learning potential. It has been founded by Fiona Holmes, an Irish author who writes for the educational market, providing dynamic, high quality, curriculum-aligned content and professional development for K-12. She is the author of the Wonderland Literacy Programme, a comprehensive, multi-dimensional programme, published by CJ Fallon Ltd, that provides all the key elements to enable children become successful, motivated readers and writers. She has worked as an Educational Consultant for PruQuest Learning – a fast-growing, research-driven company which provides materials and services to learners across the world.

Fiona is the author of Honeydew Kingdom, a new digital literacy programme for beginning and struggling readers that encompasses all the key competencies for reading development and fosters connections between STEM and literacy beginning at school-entry level. Based on the latest science of reading research, Honeydew Kingdom is a high-impact, integrated programme that focuses on foundational skills, builds content knowledge and vocabulary and gives children the high-quality language opportunities that underpin future success.