Wonderland. English Literacy Programme.

Since the launch of the Wonderland series in 2011, children all over Ireland have been captivated by the magical setting of Wandsville and its eight main characters with their unique and quirky personalities. The modern, edgy characters endear themselves to children, resonating with them and fostering an excitement and motivation to read. Children love the Wandsville characters and the humorous, fast-paced, high interest story lines as they eagerly anticipate the unexpected twist at the end of each story. The books are renowned for their ‘trade book’ similarities having lavish illustrations that are vivid, colourful and detailed.

The Wonderland Literacy Programme is a research-based, comprehensive, multi-dimensional programme that provides all the components necessary to enable children become successful, motivated readers and writers.

Its components include:

Comprehensive Teacher Resources

IT Components

Home/School Links


Vocabulary & Comprehension Modules

Fluency Programme

Guided Writing Programmes

Levelled Readers

Basal Readers

Oral Language Development Schemes

Systematic Synthetic Phonic Programme & Decodable Readers

Phonological Awareness & Phonemic Awareness Programmes

Wonderland was published by CJ Fallon, one of Ireland’s longest established and most respected educational publishers.

For more information please visit www.wonderland.cjfallon.ie.